How to add CSS3 Google Buttons to WordPress Blog Posts

CSS3 allows you creating fast, beautiful and attractive buttons without any images. And with CSS3 Google Button WordPress plugin, we can easily insert CSS3 Buttons with Google-style in any blog posts.

CSS3 Google Buttons

CSS3 Google Buttons

The WordPress Plugin CSS3 GOOGLE BUTTON is a simple and easy to configure WordPress plugin which allows you to create CSS3 based Google Buttons inside your blog posts. You can download CSS3 Google Button plugin at WordPress plugin page. Install and activate this plugin and now you can easily add buttons to your blog posts.

To add a button, simply use type this code into wordpress post editor:

[GOOGLEBUTTON target="" color="orange"]Button Caption[/GOOGLEBUTTON]

  • target = The destination link when button is clicked.
  • color = The color of the button. You can use these colors: orange, blue, gray. Required!

CSS3 Google ButtonsTo display a button with search icon, you must type “search icon” as Button Caption, like this:

[GOOGLEBUTTON target="" color="blue"]search icon[/GOOGLEBUTTON]

CSS3 Google Button plugin is very simple and easy to use with 4 various style. You should try it and find a suitable button for your wordpress theme…

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