How to display post title before blog name in Blogger

By default, when you open a post in Blogger blog, you will see the title of the post is show like this:

Blog Title: Post Title

For example: Nice Hints Blog: How to display post title before blog name in Blogger

This will make your post look silly, also it is not good for search engine optimization (SEO).  This article will show you how to show post title before blog name in Blogger, so you can solve this problem and improve SEO ranking for your Blogger blog.

1. First you should backup your current template.

2. Go to your Blogger blog dashboard, click on Template, then click Edit HTML.

A popup layer will display to warning you about risk of changing template HTML directly, just ignore it and click Proceed.

3. Now you can see HTML code of your Blogger blog template. Then do as follow:



Replace with:

<!– Changing the Blogger Title – Start –>
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | More Text Here</title>
<!– Changing the Blogger Title – End –>

4. You can change | More Text Here from above code to any text, for example: Nice Hints Blog.

5. OK, click Save Template and you are done. Open a post and see, your Blogger post title must be display before Blog Title.

Try this tip to make your Blogger blog showing blog post title before Blog Title. Leave a comment below after you’ve done it.

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