Install Apache web server with PHP and MySQL on your computer using WampServer

Apache web server on your computer will allow you to test your PHP scripts (such as WordPress, Datalife Engine, Bulletin Board forum, jQuery…). It is very useful tool for any webmasters using scripts with PHP and MySQL databases.

WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL databases.

WampServer Installation

WampServer Installation with all features

You can easily download the latest WampServer release from and with several clicks, you’ve done your web server setup. Your WampServer will include the latest releases of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Is also includes phpMyAdmin, sqlBuddy, webGrind, XDebug… All features are FREE because WampServer is an open source project, free to use (GPL licence).

Note that when install WampServer, I suggest you install it on partition not used for operating system. This will help you avoid losing data when repair or restore your system.

How to install home web server with WampServerWhen the installation process is finished, right click on the WampServer icon in the system tray and click “Put Online”. This will put the server online and your server is now ready to use. Left click on WampServer icon and click on “Localhost” to access your localhost homepage, you will see an index page with many information about the server configuration. You can also view PHP info or access phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL databases from here.

To test your PHP scripts, such as WordPress, simply copy script’s source code to “\wamp\www\” folder, and browse for installation file from your web browser.

Ex: http://localhost/wordpress/index.php

If you have any questions or need to troubleshoot problems, please leaving your questions or comments here. I will find the solutions with you.

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